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im getting weaker each day

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so, i had my 3 min. walk, more than that will make me feel dizzy, sip water,then sip a lil bit of milk, fell asleep and dreamt about food, yes food...i ate a lot in my dreams...i wann eat i wanna taste food, this liquid diet makes me weak...i vomit for the first time, and what i've taken in was out...i just don't know what to do right now, i know crying wont help me, i just keep on telling myself that i'm okay im okay but when i woke up, i was walking going to the bathroom then i lose balance...i almost fell... what's wrong with me? i don't get this anymore. my protein intake is not that good...im not meeting the required daily protein in take coz i can't find any good protein shakes here in my place. this bothers me...and im gonna live like this forever. my stomach will be this small till forever. im gonna live with staples inside me...ive had this moment again. ugh!

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  1. teacherdan's Avatar
    Go to the ER. This is not normal.
  2. VSGOct2011's Avatar
    IF you are still feeling sick get medical attention - this has been long enough Jean. Perhaps you need an IV of fluids to get you feeling back to normal. Our surgeries same day - I'm feeling terrific now, except mild pain in belly, loads of energy! You need medical care now!
  3. JeanAng's Avatar
    Thanks guys...went to see my doctor today,and had all my labs done...i was low in sugar and he gave me vitamins for support...and the doc told me to at least drink milk and not concentrate on water...