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i was hoping...

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i was hoping i'd be fine since i got out in the hospital and sipping soups and water and walking took a bath do stuffs but i was wrong...i walked like 5 mins and i could hardly breathe... and i got weak and feel dizzy...and my wound is starting to sore so bad...the pain is tolerable so i didnt take any meds... i always pee...i was so happy yesterday i pooped already... but today, im feeling bad...i cant wait for the day when i feel better...i kept on praying for my fast recovery...

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  1. Camscrib20's Avatar
    I was feeling great then yesterday was a really bad day they sent me home from work cuz i was dizzy and sick and today a complete 360 so guess we just gotta take it day by day
  2. jerzeygirl's Avatar
    Keep with the positive attitude and your "eye on the prize"! Some days are not so good, others are better,but life will be great.
  3. TrailNurse's Avatar
    Are you getting your protein in? Have you tried drinking a bit of fruit juice. Maybe you need a little carbs to jump start your energy?