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getting sick, depressed...emotional stress

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i can't believe i'm having emotional discomfort...everybody seems to be supportive with the surgery and all i did is cry over stuffs...my boyfriend arrived in the hospital (i wasn't release yet coz my mom told the doctor that they should let me out the hospital when im no longer in pain and i don't feel nauseated anymore and i can tolerate eating the foods that i'm allowed to eat) when my boyfriend arrived in the hospital, i cried immediately and i told him that i can't do this anymore...all i felt was dizziness and vomiting isn't helping me. when i tried sipping and walking, i got dizzy, they told me to do it slowly...wow, i moved like a freakin' worm when i do stuffs so that i won't hurt myself you know the cuts and all...i hate that it'll bleed even if doesn't hurt anymore...i get nauseated when i take my meds...everything is about dizziness and vomiting lately...and i hated it...there comes to a point that almost told my boyfriend i regreted doing it and i just wanna die...i know depriving myself from food wasn't my rule...i love to eat...and i got sick because of eating too much now that i have this gastric bypass to help me loose weight and i'm regretting it! i suck all my life and i was so excited to have this surgery and now that im done with it, i'm kinda having this drama all of a sudden!!! FML! im thinking i might screw up my stomach, i might leak, i might won't loose weight...im having this crazy questions in my mind right now, what to do with this what to do with that? will be dizzy for the rest of my life because i did this? will i be vomiting after i eat? will i feel swollen for the rest of my life? im scared really, im kinda depressed with what's happening with me...is it because i stayed in the hospital for a week now? i hate being a drama queen but i can't help it...seeing them eat without feeling any pain makes me cry and feel bad about myself... i feel sorry for my boyfriend and my parents coz they have to go trough this...i just didn't know what to do...

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  1. JeanAng's Avatar
    sorry its not gastric bypass...but it's gastric sleeve...i was crying when im writing my blog im sorry for the typos..
  2. lildee143's Avatar
    take a deep breath and relax. It so gets better. The first 2 weeks are hell, the next few months are better, then it's great. As you see the pounds shedding you will be so happy. I am 3 years out and do nothing but reap the rewards of all the pain and suffering the first 6 months.
    I remember times I would take 2 or 3 bites and have to excuse myself from the table, go walk around out side and cry because I thought I had made a huge mistake also. Trust me it gets better. The pain will go away. Your not going to rip your stitches and your going to look and feel great.
  3. Marbe's Avatar
    Hang in there, you will be better, I had the sleeve and the first week was hard, even after 9 week I get nauseas and sick from time to time and wish I had never done it, but then when I see how much I lost it make me feel proud of myself, sometimes I feel a little pain on my incision still, I just want you to feel better and don't feel the way you feeling I know you are the one feeling sick but we are here for you.
  4. jerzeygirl's Avatar
    I totally agree with lildee. I'm only 3 months post-op and sometimes it's still hard to eat, get the protein, drink liquids, etc, but I'm so happy I did this for myself. I'm down 64 lbs., off my meds, diabetes is way more under control and life will continue to be better and longer! I think being in the hospital so long isn't helping the sitution very much. Once I got home, after 1 1/2 days, I was better; began walking, showering, feeling human! I still had the dizziness, lots of diarehea (sp) and never able to drink that protein, however; there's not a day that goes by that I'm not happy I got the surgery. I think your depression is partly due to hormonal changes, post effects of surgery and being in the hosptial so long. Try short walks around the hallways of the hospital, take sips of liquid, cut back on pain meds (they make you depressed), and look forward to a very rewarding journey. Best of luck and keep in touch with us here.
  5. JeanAng's Avatar
    Thank you guys...im somewhat relieved that im not the only person who gone this emotions... it's just sad that im surrounded with people who are eating dry foods...i wanna chew...ill get used to this sipping thing...