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Anyone been to OCC Dr Ortiz?

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I have been researching having the sleeve procedure done in Mexico for a month now and found there are several good doctors that do this. I am leaning towards Dr Ortiz in TJ. His center OCC looks and sounds very nice.
Has anyone out there used Dr Ortiz?
What was your experience?

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  1. Cindola's Avatar
    Hey there,
    I was in TJ about two weeks ago and had my sleeve at Mi Doctors Hospital. It was a good experience, spent two nights in the hospital/clinic and the rest at the Marriott for pre/post recovery -- the nurses speak limited English, but Edurado (patient advocate) was excellent about checking in and providing support. I was very impressed with both the doctor and anesthesiologist. Just be aware that you will be operating on Mexican time, I was told my surgery would be around 5 pm, it was closer to 9 pm -- why the delay? They took time to take care of each patient during recovery, and even after. The staff at the Marriott was also great, the friend that went with me and I chose the resurant for meals -- it got us out of our room and changed our perspective. My best advice take someone with you, a good friend is great.
  2. Band2Sleeve's Avatar
    Hello, I just had my band removed by Dr. Ortiz in Mexico. Very competent Doctors. Nursing staff leaves a little to be desired. The Center is very clean. I'm not ready to give a complete review until after everything is said and done for my case, but I can tell you that all the patients that I came into contact there during my brief stay loved the OCC. I will have a lot more to share soon.
  3. dbarnes7's Avatar
    What Doctor did your sleeve? Did they pick you up at the airport and then take you back? Did you work directly with the doctor to set it up or did you go through someone? Did you ever feel uncomfortable or not safe? I'm just so scared of going to Mexico for surgery. I also worried about any followup that I may need.
  4. dbarnes7's Avatar
    Please keep in touch, I am very interested in hearing all about your experience, from start to finish.