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So I weigh less than 200!!!! FINALLY! I am so extremely happy. I lost 7.6 lbs this week alone, thanks to a stomach bug I got from a band student. I was rather concerned about the whole throwing up/ diarrehia. I didn't want to get dehydrated so I mostly drank propel all d.ay. I was also concerned with what I could take for the normal sicknesses. So I really didn't take any medicine. It was odd and totally not prepared for the change in what I am allowed to take when I get sick. We all take for granted that we have meds in the cabinet to solve any issue. Well, I figured out very quickly that I didn't take it into consideration. We all know not to take asprin products for colds, headaches and such but I was not aware that Pepto has asprin in it. I am glad I didn't take any....because I thought about it!!! After the 8th hour of being in the bathroom. I am just glad I didn't take any because I really would not have taken the time to read the contents label at that point. So valuable lesson learned...READ THE LABEL ON ALL MEDS....BEFORE YOU MIGHT NEED THEM. I have since checked out my medicine cabinet to make sure that what I would NORMALLY take for illness is ok to take after having surgery. And I did find other stuff that is not ok to take. So again everyone...READ THE LABELS NOW! So you don't get caught off guard like I was.

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  1. dackn8tr's Avatar
    Congratulations on your weightloss so far!! Sure hope you're feeling back to normal now and thanks for the reminder about the OTC medicines, cold & flu season is upon us again!!!
  2. Cindola's Avatar
    I know what you are talking about! I always go back to unflavored yogurt with active cultures plus rehydration when I get a stomach virus. By the way had my first this last week (9 days post op) courtesy of my son. Got to love those kids anyway! Bless you and your Band kids, they are some of the nicest kids out there (parent of two from Oregon). Music has made a huge difference in their lives. Thanks to teachers everywhere for all that they do for their students!
  3. Kodakmom's Avatar
    Thanks for the support. I am feeling sooo much better.