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interesting read on excess skin

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from Facebook: WebMD

When you’ve lost over 100 lbs, the joy of reaching your goal may be dampened by new hurdles, such as tightening up excess skin. Check out these expert tips. Have you achieved your healthy weight? http://on.webmd.com/OGsPxO

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  1. scgal21's Avatar
    I wish she hadn't said "I hope you did it the old fashioned way with diet and exercise". I'm over 50 and yo-yo dieted for years, so I know I will have to have plastic surgery if I want to get rid of the skin.
  2. bscastaneda's Avatar
    hahahah I thought the same thing scgal!!! I kinda did the -_- face at that...grrrr
  3. BraelynsGrammy's Avatar
    I did it the old fashioned way with a tool! My diet is 1/3 of what I used to eat....I walk 4 miles a day everyday plus I do the elliptical for an hour 5 times a week. It's just that we have a tool to help us now! I love my sleeve!
  4. N2DVN's Avatar
    Exactly, BraelynsGrammy! The sleeve is just a tool. For the tool to work, we have to make a complete lifestyle change and be committed to healthier eating.
  5. Rainbow's Avatar
    Thank you, the article was very interesting and helpful. I also flinched at her "old fashioned way" comment. But i still found the part on the mind adapting to the change much slower then the body very fascinating. Thank you for sharing! Love Rainbow