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Goal reached after 6 months

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today I reached the goal that my surgeon set me, and what I was told was the maximum amount of weight possible to lose after 2 years. It has been 6 months.

I have lost 133 lbs in that time, and am going to set a new self imposed goal of an additional 28lbs before I start trying to maintain.

I have never been happier that i did this. More energy, better health, increased levls of confidence. Yes i have all these things and am better for them. Shopping in highstreet shops, sitting comfortably in planes, not being looked down on by the general public. These are also great benefits. But best of all is having met a new partner, who appears to be here to stay.

As i have said before - if you are considering the sleeve, it is hard work - but run, don't walk, to your surgeon.

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  1. niamh's Avatar
    Truly amazing progress Jerome, thanks for posting to keep newbies inspired!
  2. mangomaid's Avatar
    Wow Jerome! Well done and thanks for being an inspiration. Keep up the good work.
  3. Carlayavonne's Avatar
    Awesome job! Congrats on the new you!!! I can't make Dec 5th come fast enough!!!
  4. KMelendez's Avatar
    Congrats on your success! I totally agree with your message. I too am so happy I made the decision to go forward with the surgery on 1/12/12. I am grateful it was available to me, and thankful that I did not have any complications. I am 5 lbs. from my goal. These past 10 months have brought me to a happy spot in my life that I have never experienced. I feel comfortable in my own body and confident that I am good enough to participate in anything I want to in life. I still cannot believe that I actually fit into the clothes that come out of the dryer that I know are mine. My only regret is that I did not do it sooner. The last ten years could have been so much happier and productive for me!
  5. larrysgirl's Avatar
  6. Wandy44's Avatar
    Congrats , keep up the good work.
  7. misskeel's Avatar
    WOW! that is awesome, sounds like life if good! congradulations!
  8. harmony's Avatar
    Congrats!!! youve done wonderful!!
  9. LeisaMcD's Avatar
  10. Finally Ready I think's Avatar
    Excellent job Jerome. Hopefully much more happiness to follow!
  11. blazer's Avatar
    Excellent job!!!
  12. tmclenn's Avatar
    YAEH!! So glad you are happier
  13. tired of being FAT's Avatar
    Wow this is Insperational and just to let it be know..... I ran i didnt walk it was time for change
  14. CentennialMom's Avatar
    WOW! That's an incredible amount of weight to lose! Keep up the great work!
  15. Letizia81's Avatar
    Wow congrats!!
  16. Shamyra1's Avatar
    Congrats on your progress, continue the good work.
  17. My new life!'s Avatar
    Yeah, that is awesome!!!