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Am I the only one who doesn't see a difference

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Ok so I uploaded a before pic and an after pic, but I don't see any difference am I the only one who feels this way could 50pds really NOT make a diff??????? And I am not doing this for compliments lol although they would not be turned away lmao, so in the before pic I am 210 next to my 80pd 95 yr old aunt, ok YES I do look younger than her . In the after its my moving party last night with ALL my closest friends, I am the one in the black pants and purple and yellow blouse, how come I don't see any change.
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  1. bookwrmmom's Avatar
    Wow you look amazing!! Often we are the last ones to really and clearly see our results!!
  2. Fran71's Avatar
    I can tell a big difference, the way you stand your face, shoulders, waist. Keep up the good work
  3. TonyaSitler's Avatar
    I can see the difference, Great Job! I hope I can look that good.
  4. purplelace70's Avatar
    Must be that head stuff at work. There is definitly a difference. Maybe it is because your face looked good before and still looks great. You carried your weight well and that can make a difference in how YOU see it.
  5. MOMX2's Avatar
    You absolutely can see a difference. I've done my best to take a picture each month and keep them side by side. It was the best way for me to really "see" the changes. I take 3 pictures--front view, side view, and back view with NO ONE else in the picture. I only want to focus on me. I'm trying to remember when I had my really first aha moment that things were changing. It may have been somewhere between 50 and 70 pounds. I can remember looking at the old me then and really seeing how big I truly was at that time. I'm so thankful for the journey and the documentation. I would suggest the same to you.
    You are looking great!!!!!
  6. Wandy44's Avatar
    I really dont feel any different. Thou I have lost close to 80 pounds already. I see certain part of me look the same. But keep up the good work. You look awesome.
  7. chacha40's Avatar
    you look great .I see a big difference!keep up the good work
  8. toirelan's Avatar
    I can see the difference. You look great!