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week 5 post op

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well this is week 5 post op. I feel wonderful. Learning what portion control is. My energy level is up, no pain at all. One more week and I should be pretty much healed up so I can slowly return to doing things again....UGH!!! what did I just say? I am back to housework again... lol. Maybe I should tell the husband I need another 2 weeks? lol

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  1. Teemo's Avatar
    I feel you bitter sweet, I was fortunate enough to receive 6 weeks off from work, 5 weeks post op today, feeling more and more like myself each new day. Still much to learn and implement but getting there. Best of luck to you on your journey
  2. binks240's Avatar

    No, I am not feeling bittersweet. I am very happy with my choice. Was just commenting on my own progress. Like you I am learning everyday what my body needs and wants.