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Sleeve Empty ??

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How long does it take for my sleeve to empty? I don't want to overfill it --pain and the possibility of causing a leak (only 3 weeks post-op). After I eat, I am thirsty and I am wondering how long it takes to empty so I can have something to drink.

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  1. michelleb's Avatar
    My instructions is to wait 30-40 mins
  2. annabel's Avatar
    Thanks, Michelleb
  3. newme1's Avatar
    Eat slowly, pay attention to how your stomach feels. If you feel a little ache stop eating for a few minutes an see if the fullness get worse. As for drinking....I take MAYBE on tiny sip, I have have to have liquid when I eat. Don't over do it. I have been very lucky I have never vomited.
  4. Msvetrn's Avatar
    I don't know anything about "over filling" or "emptying"....never even heard of those two things since I was sleeved. But...I have always waited 40 minutes to eat after drinking and 40 minutes to drink after eating.
  5. steamrollergrl64's Avatar
    you can def feel the difference. listen to your body. you will always know when its too much. it might come back up or begin to hurt. every one body is a little different.
  6. ebonylove's Avatar
    great question...I was told to wait 30 min between meals and liquid, however I'm wondering how much a sleeve can take in at one time. I feel like I'm getting dehydrated. I'm almost a full two weeks out.