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Why do banders hate on sleevers?

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Why do people that get the lap band feel superior? I get comments like " oh be careful with that" "I've heard bad things" "that's dangerous" or that's to permanent for me.... WHAT?? Too permanent? Wut does that mean? Who wants to loose weight temporarily? Why wouldn't I want it to be permanent? Why would I want a foreign object in my body growing scar tissue and getting corroded!

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  1. Jewel's Avatar
    cuz they're jealous.. hahaha
    nah.. really.. as many people that go thru the band to sleeve revision, you would think that there wouldn't be any of that. Your surgery is a personal choice. I know I struggled in choosing between the lap band, the sleeve or a full out gastric bypass. But at the end of the day, my sleeve was the best choice for me, as it was for all of us. I think our success rates are much higher thaan that of banders. We have no maintenance ~ and don't face the dumping/malabsorption issues that bypassers do.. what could be better? Hate on, haters! lol
  2. optangirl's Avatar
    like you said who wants to loose temporily and nicely said jewel nuff said...............
  3. bookwrmmom's Avatar
    Personally I only know one person who has had lap band, and since I am not close to her and only see her on occasion I don't know her feelings on this. They can hate on for all I care, because this is a very personal choice for everyone. I have had a couple of friends ask me about my procedure, and I tell them what it is & what it has done for me. If they mention lap band, I tell them what I have found out about it on my journey & the reason that I DID NOT choose it. At the end of the day though they have to make the choice that is right for them. I wish everyone no matter what route they take on their journey all the best in health and success. I want everyone to have the great experience that I have had so far with my sleeve!
  4. SoNotABarbie's Avatar
    i was thinking of getting a lapband but my doctor told me because i needed to lose alot of weight the sleeve would be better...and im happy i didnt get the band...i dont want to have to go into the doctor to have it filled or some taken out..and i dont like the idea of a object in me permently that could cause more problems down the line
  5. bookwrmmom's Avatar
    The person that I know who has a lap-band just last week had the band to sleeve revision. Apparently her band worked well for her until she was in a car accident and the band slipped and could not be repaired. Another reason not to have a foreign object in your body if it can be avioded.
  6. Jeni Cerone's Avatar
    aww Natalie, try not to let people comments upset you. Just keep in mind whatever WLS someone chooses is a personal decision. I think also insurance options is another deciding factor in some cases. When I got my band, the sleeve was not an option. The support meetings for WLS had to be segregated between bypass and bandsters because what worked for one didn't work for the other. And even face to face in the meetings comments were said. I think when people have insecurities about decisions they make, they defend them. "I made the best decision".. and in reality what needs to be thought is "I made the best decision for me" WLS is serious no matter what method a person takes. The main downside to the band is getting the adjustments right as you lose weight. Pain in the ass. In my research, Im seeing downsides to the sleeve as well. It's all a gamble, what works for someone .. may not work at all for someone else. Each of us own our successes and decisions. Your on a journey and you made a commitment to yourself and YOU and your thoughts are all that matter. (it's what I try to tell myself everyday with all I do)
  7. Lucy61's Avatar
    I like that the sleeve removes the hunger hormone (Grehlin) and most of the stomach acid and most of all that it IS permanent!