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2 week freeze!

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It has been two weeks since my new sleeve and it looks like I have already reached a plateau. I have lost 15 lbs and haven't lost anything since last Friday.. It seems so soon to have come to this screeching halt. Is this normal?? It doesn't help that my scale always says something different.. I have to step on it 5 times and get the best 3 out of 5. Sometimes I have to get on it a lot until I get the same number 3 times then I just go with that weight. Anyway, I'll get another soon..

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  1. angiej's Avatar
    Weighing yourself this much will stress your out. Keep eating right and the wt. will come off, to make it come off faster try exercising at a higher intensity. I notice that you are two weeks out so give your body time to recover and time to adjust to the lack of food you are giving it. This is the first of many stalls and there are many more to come, just put that scale away and keep eating right and exercise. Good luck to you and take some deep breaths, it will come off.
  2. Hopefloatsup's Avatar
    Hang in there. It might be worth investing in a good digital scale.
  3. Ebonyplum's Avatar
    Three weeks out everyone seems to stall stinks but it will get going again
  4. purplelace70's Avatar
    Oh Lordy, start taking measurement, I do the waist, the scale will do you in. Best not to weigh too often, once a week, same scale, same time, nude. Works for me. I find that when the scale takes a break my body is busy shedding inches, you will see. There is an expression "Don't Push the River, it flows without you"
  5. Lynette Gee's Avatar
    I'm at the same stage and have stalled too just stay clear of your scale for a few weeks until it passes otherwise u just get upset.
  6. Natalie's Avatar
    Thanks! I look forward to this being over!!!!!
  7. I_love_roses's Avatar
    My dietitian said it is very, very common at that stage. It happened to me and I was in disbelief. I mean, eating maybe 600 calories a day??? But it happens. I do not know the physiological reasons why, but PLEASE do not get discouraged! I promise the weight will begin to come off again. From what I've read on this forum, people go through many stalls before they reach goal. Best of luck!