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Can you regain weight with the sleeve

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Im considering getting the gastric sleeve procedure done in Australia, I always regain weight after big losses, so I thought that maybe a sleeve would fix this, unfortunatly I have to wait until march 2012, bit of a bummer I turned 30 2 weeks ago and wanted it this year.
Im worried if I get it done ill lose weight and regain it like always, im an emoational eater as well.
Does anyone know if this can happen with the gastric sleeve procedure?

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  1. lisagail's Avatar
    Hi, My understanding the Sleeve is its a tool in weight loss. If you over eat or eat to fast or eat fatty or high carb foods you can regain your weight.
  2. JulieJ's Avatar
    I am 2+ years out and trust me, you can definitely regain weight. I have gained 15# over the past 14 months and am now getting back on the band wagon to take it back off. My promise to myself was that I would NOT buy larger clothes, so I need to shrink back down to where things are comfortable again.
    I would do this again in a heartbeat, though. I have no doubt that losing the weight will be much easier than it was before surgery.
  3. Ann2's Avatar
    Oh, yes!

    See this post I just made on another thread:

  4. rockscott40's Avatar
    Yes You can......