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I have a waist!!!!

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I had my surgery Jun 28,2012. I was nervous/excited. I started this journey weighing in at 270 lbs in April 2012. Boy was that a tramatic day when I got on the scales and saw that number. So I knew I had to do something. I have several cousins who did the gastric sleeve and they are all so skinny, I did A LOT of research, found a bariatric center and worked with my insurance to make it happen. I didn't tell anyone but my husband and one of my sons (he is the supportive one of my kids) what I was doing. It has been hard not telling my other 2 kids but they made all kinds of comments about other people doing the surgery and when I mentioned I was thinking about it several years ago, I got the biggest reaction....so I am just waiting until I reach my goal and they see me. All three of my children are in different states, one is a Marine, one just finished college and one on a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Anyway, I have been following the VGS plan as everyone should. It has been almost 60 days... I got out of the shower yesterday and looked in my mirror and .......WOW!!!! I HAVE A WAIST!!!! I haven't seen that in 5 years I think. It was an exciting moment. I didn't really realize it was noticable that I have been losing weight. Today when I walked into church 3 people came up to me and remarked," You've lost weight, you are looking so good." Remember I haven't told anyone anything about the surgery or even mentioned I wanted to lose weight. It was especially good feeling because one of the people was a man. Before anyone goes off the deep end we are both happily married and he is young enough to be my son. But you know men they don't really notice that kind of stuff. It has been a great week and this week seems to be looking up as well.

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  1. fayemc's Avatar
    hahahaha me too it was very strange when i first noticed it spent many many years with the shape of a barrel