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Still amazed with my VSG

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I haven't been around much since Fathers Day so I figured I should get back on and say Hi to everyone.

I had my sleeve done in April, and to date I have lost 135 lbs. If I am following the doctors orders and drink my protein I feel fantastic.
I have dropped from a size 58 pant to a 48. a 5xl shirt to a very very loose 3xl (actually need to go get a 2xl).

I love my sleeve!!!!

hope everyone is doing well...


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  1. jerzeygirl's Avatar
    So happy to see you're loving the sleeve. It's life-changing in a wonderful way. Continued success!
  2. Sleeve2412's Avatar
    This is fantastic. Keep it going
  3. purplelace70's Avatar
    That is so good to hear, congrats to you, must be feeling great. I will say it again I HATE MEN lol they lose so much faster than we females.
  4. Gayle's Avatar
    Wonderful news, Jim -- You must be very gratified that you are getting healthier by the week!
  5. florida 60 girl's Avatar
    Wow!! Only 3 months and that much weight? God bless. Hope I do half that good. Glad to hear you are doing so great I am so jealous.
  6. Belinda416's Avatar
    Wow that is a great news thanks for sharing.