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Scared and Confused!!!

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So I had to go see my neurosurgeon for my neck and lower back. One of the reasons I was having the sleeve done was because of my lower back. After talking with my surgeon he told me that I was going to have to have another neck surgery. (previous fusion of C5-C7 Sept. 2010) So I started to freak and asked him what was that going to do about my sleeve. He stated that it shouldnt stop me from being sleeved, but I needed to check with my Sleeve doctor. I do not go see him till 8-10 so I decided to call and speak with his nurse. She told me that I needed to go on and have my neck operated on since the sleeve was an elective surgery. I called my neuro back and told them and was told that the table can only hold up to 350lbs and I would have to lose the weight before he could do the neck surgery. So I explained that the sleeve doc wants me to have the neck surgery first so that I can heal, and now I do not know what to do. My Neuro told me to go to the appt on 8-10 but the sleeve doc told me there is no reason to come until I get my neck taken care of and cleared from my Neuro. I do not know what to do. If anyone has any advice please HELP! I feel completely hopeless and scared and confused. Not to mention very emotionally spent and ready to give up.

Thanks for listening,

Daniel Howell
Hopeful but Tired!

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  1. Nikie's Avatar
    Wow. That's a lot to deal with. I'm sorry your going thru this. And i would be confused too. My suggestion to you is take care of your neck even if u have to go on a diet to lose weight. Just think about your health. Do what ever u need to to make it better. The sooner you get your neck fixed then u can get sleeved. I know it's not as easy as I say it but find a motivation and move forward. You can do it. Hope u feel better. I'll say a prayer for you.

    Ps I noticed your from BR I am too. Who's doing your wl surgery?
  2. danrhowell's Avatar
    Dr. Warden in Covington
  3. LMS's Avatar
    I would do sleeve first less weight in long run will help your back then you can get your neck done.
  4. pstebbins1108's Avatar
    I think I'd call back and ask to speak with the doctor himself and explain the situation. Under the circumstances, he may not consider the wl surgery to be elective. Worth a try. Best of luck.

    P.S. There is also the second opinion path.
  5. hnybun128's Avatar
    I'm so sorry you're having to deal with all of this at once. I also think you should call the doctor back and speak with him directly about the sleeve. It only makes sense to get the weight off as quickly as possible so you can get the surgery. Plus, the weight loss can only help the problem with your neck, right? Keep pushing until you get the care you need!
  6. workinprogress40's Avatar
    Can your neck wait its turn to get operated on are its something you need right now?I think I would want the sleeve first , because when you have the neck surgery you will probably gain more wieght because you won't be able to do much,so if you have the sleeve first it will restrict your eating habits and you can continue to loose wieght while you are recovering from neck surgery.
  7. selva11's Avatar
    hi, I went through a situation that can relate to what you are sharing; I had an accident 3.5 years ago and had a major reconstruction of my ankle. My orthopedist wanted to do surgery again.
    I consulted with my sleeve Dr. an he said it would make more sense to have the sleeve done first, since part of the problem was my weight causing too much pressure on the ankle. The orthopedist insisted he needed to operate first, but I consulted with the Drs. in my family and they all agreed the sleeve Dr. was right.
    And he was; I'm one month post-op, lost 26.5 pounds and the ankle is doing much much better.
    It will be much easier for them to operate on your neck if you've lost some weight. If it can wait, go for the sleeve first!
  8. Finally Ready I think's Avatar
    If the neurosurgeon clears you for the sleeve there shouldn't be a problem. All he has to do is write a letter medically clearing you for the surgery.
  9. danrhowell's Avatar
    Spoke with Neuro about this and he told me he would rather me have the neck surgery first because of the length in time it takes to heal from the surgery and gain a good fusion. He stated that he has seen many people with sleeves and by-pass not heal properly and the fusion fail. I feel like I am getting the run around on both ends. One doesnt want to go first without the other, and it is getting to the point that I feel like if they do a psych eval on me right now they would admit me to the crazy ward!
  10. Finally Ready I think's Avatar
    Sorry to hear that, but at least you have gotten an answer, the neck comes first. I hope you told him his office told you the opposite and where did he get the table to operate on since the other only goes to 350lbs. So now you have to switch gears, not talk to any sleeve shrinks (so that they don't put you in that crazy ward you would meet us all in lol) and come here ofter to rant and rave!!!
  11. hnybun128's Avatar
    I'd get a second opinion, but that's just me. Best of luck!
  12. danrhowell's Avatar
    I talked it over with my wife and my mom, I am going to continue on my track for the sleeve and go ahead and get the pre- op things done, like the bloodwork, clearance for cardio and pulm. and any other stuff I can get done.