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Poot chute

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I have never been a daily pooper. I would hate it if I had to poop daily. Constipation is easily cured with ths chinese poop tea I own...liquid, check. Can we use stool softeners? Anyway, pooping is icky and smelly and I try to avoid it unlesss it has been about two weeks then I do deep stretching, combined with the tea or a few cherries. Hating the "roid" push, I sit and read and wait then eventually I evacuate. Walking is a great help too. For me, if push comes to shove or should I say strain. I will wait it out or have a cuppa.

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  1. Kodakmom's Avatar
    I'm 12 days out and I have had no constipation as of yet. I have a few liquidy days, but that is normal as the body regulates itself. I have been told that daily BM's are no longer a concern. I was a regular daily BMer. I am looking forward to not having to do that everyday either. Yes, you will be allowed to use stool softeners if you need them.
  2. notfat4ever's Avatar
    Thank you for your info. I will be glad to stopped being judged for not blowing up a toilet three timess a day. I pray your recovery is swift and uneventful. Poop-lessers....Unite!!!!