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cereal?.. and amounts to be eaten... over eating...

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Hi, so I just ate some wheaties cereal, I had a half cup with a quarter cup of milk. and ate it all with no problems, i soaked the cereal with the milk so it wasn't like i was drinking with food... but I feel like this is a large amount of food to be eaten at once, I feel I am always over eating..
earlier I ate almost a whole gala apple (just a small piece was left) and an apricot,.. total it weight 8 ounces and I wasn't even full.. is this normal? I do have a problem that I don't eat slow like you are supposed too.. Its just so unnatural that my food gets cold and I am un satisfied..I eat normal then when I feel full I stop, I could never eat slow I always tried and it just.. didn't feel right.. but today I made ribs in the crock pot, I pulled the meat from the bone and weighed out 4 ounces. I didn't even eat it all.. i barely ate half. so I guess I am not doing bad.. its just some things I can eat way more of, like veggies and fruit.. I don't know I just always feel I am doing it wrong.,
but I guess thats my rant and thoughts at this moment..

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  1. ruinessx9701's Avatar
    I can eat way more fruit than anything else, but not veggies. I still can only consume around 2 oz at a time, but when I eat fruit of any kind, I can eat about a cup or even a little more before I start to feel full. My nutritionist actually just told me to add more fruit to my diet too so I guess its ok...
  2. aclabombard13's Avatar
    The cereal is probably a slider for you. So you are naturally going to be able to consume more because it's "sliding" right through your sleeve. Fruit, once chewed is practically juice, so probably another slider. So don't worry about your pouch being stretched or anything of that nature. Just remember, some foods compact much more in your stomach than others. Any type of meat, I can only get small amounts in there. You're doing just fine No worries!
  3. aboutime4me's Avatar
    I would caution you on eating more than 4 oz of food at a time, even if you don't necessarily feel full when you're done. My doctor really warned me about that. If you constantly do that it could stretch the pouch eventually if done on a prolonged basis. He said too that it was better to eat more solid foods because then we tend to eat less, as you said about the ribs. Less food like that means less calories and perhaps more weight loss too. Who knows...it's trial and error. Good luck and keep us posted.
  4. curvymummy's Avatar
    my doc never sed to weigh any food!!! its just every doc diff, i eat what i can and its never ever gonna be as much as before my sleeve, i find i can eat aload of salad,also i can eat nearly a full jacket pot(small one) plus thats with either cheese n beans or tuna and onion..,soup i can eat about half a tin and most things i can defo have more than these 2/3/4 mouth fulls everyone goes on about!!!