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Don't Like Being a Bummer

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Oy vey. I don't like feeling this way and I certainly do NOT want to dampen anyone's else's day, but man, I am feeling blue. I had my surgery on May 21st and at my 2-week post-op check-in I had lost 19 lbs. Fantastic, right? Well, since then, when I've weighed myself, I don't really see much of a difference. I have a tendency in the past to sabotage myself, or totally believe that I'm going to fail, because I had at every other attempt to lose weight. I'm probably not eating enough, drinking enough water, and then last night I ate what probably amounted to 1/2 cup of chocolate M&Ms. UGH. Guess what is not allowed in my freaking house anymore? My 4 year old is still learning how to pee in the potty and I was using them as treats. Well, they're gone. He'll get Twizzlers from now on, because those are disgusting (to me at least). lol I just got on the scale and it's saying I've lost another 2 pounds. IN A WEEK!?! I just wasn't expecting that, even if I did M&Ms one night. I'm actually a little pissed. This is when I would normally say FU diet and go back to me regular ways. I laugh to myself though, because that sure ain't happening. HURRAY for a stomach the size of 2 tablespoons, or whatever it is now. I just was under the impression that it was going to fall off. The first 19 did, but I guess that's it. At this rate, it's going to take me months and months to lose my weight. And listen, normally I'm VERY upbeat and positive. I think I'm just having a "day." Been so stinking tired lately. Maybe because of the diet? I don't know. I go in for my 4 week post-op next Thursday, the 21st, one month exact. I'm scared I'm going to go in there and be a big fat failure. No pun intended. Thanks for letting me vent. Now, I'm going to go get me some water and sulk.

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  1. ladydi's Avatar
    I had surgery on 5/25 and have lost26 poundd but only 11 since surgery and i get frustrated too since the scale isnt moving very fast at all. But i did take measurements once a week and i keep dropping inches even with the scale not moving. Its whats kept me from freaking out. My husband says its good its slow that should help the skin from getting too saggy.
  2. Rainbow's Avatar
    The way you are feeling is very common at this stage. Especially when you have experienced the "Freefall" that you did at first. It really is all in the perception. Especially the first couple months there is a horrible fear that we are going to be able to somehow sabotage and fail like we have so many times in the past. It helps to step back and look at the bigger picture. Loseing 2 lbs a week is actually a goal that was not attainable for most of us before this surgery and if you lose even 10 lbs a month you would have dropped 100 lbs in only 10 months! By anybody's standards that is VERY fast weight-loss! We all have slip-ups! But your sleeve will NOT fail! I am sorry you thought that this was a 6 month project, I realize that some people are able to achieve that, but that is the exception not the rule. In all the seminars (i went to several) and all research i did, Plus what my Bariatric team told me, I knew to expect it to take a year and anything faster then that was just a bonus. Even with knowing this in my head, the first couple months you can feel so impatient because you still have so much left to lose and are going through the pain of it all, trying to heal and get used to barely eating! I promise that at about 3 months out when your body starts being able to feel the success, you will start feeling a lot more confident and happy with the whole process! The first month is all about "healing" your poor little new tummy! To help get through your frustration and doubt my best advice is to keep picturing your life a year from now and How awesome it will be to have this hard part behind you and living life as the new AWESOME THIN you! I happen to love a good wallow now and then so wallow away! Your Body and emotions have been through alot this last month, and you have earned the right! But when you are done, and ready to smile again, look to the future and be proud of what you are doing! Love Rainbow
  3. mila's Avatar
    So you got really frustrated had a little tantrum/pity party with those M&M's. Now that you have that out of your system : p ......you can get back to doing this thing right. You WILL lose weight and you WILL be successful! You WILL NOT fail this time! kick yourself in the butt, and then get back on that horse. It happened, it's over, and you with your wonderful sense of humor, are capable of doing this!!
  4. Rainbow's Avatar
    I forgot to mention this. at the end there, you said you were "so Tired" and that combined with feeling blue, you also think you might not be drinking enough....If you start feeling weak and light headed then you are getting dehydrated. It is natural to think you are not eating enough, but that is a misconception. Its the dehydration that causes this. It will lower your blood volume and in turn your blood pressure and cause these symptoms. So drinking diet Gatorade or pedialite is helpful because it has the electrolytes and magnesium you dont get from water alone and will help you rehydrate faster on your own. This is something you want to diligently stay on top of because if you get too far down it can be difficult to come out of it on your own and it is a real pain and expensive to have to get IV fluids for re-hydration from the ER! I learned this the hard way, and had to have IV fluids 3 different times! So take Care my friend! and SIP SIP SIP! Love Rainbow
  5. aclabombard13's Avatar
    Don't despair.... I am EXACTLY where you are! Sleeved on 5/24 - lost 18 lbs by day 9 and the scale hasn't moved since (well it went down 1lb and then back up 2 GRRR) I am just trying to focus on my protein and I know I have to be better about my water and kick up my exercise. I went to the gym last night, did 20mins on the elliptical, burned 210 cals and did 1.54mi - then I did 10mins on the bike - a little over 2 miles and another 70 cals burned. I ATE 56g protein (I really HATE the shakes) and a total of 580 cals. This all seems like the right thing, so even though the scale isn't moving I know that it will, it has to! Just keep the faith. I don't measure myself, but I believe my clothes are still getting looser. You're lucky to see that 2lbs in a week... I've seen a 2lb gain. Ughhhh We will get over this hump, it's nice to know I'm not alone. Especially since our surgery days are so close. I went into this with a one year expectation but am not so secretly praying for a quicker process. It's normal to be anxious - you can just close your eyes and envision your new body and life and it can be hard to have the patience to get there. I definitely know how slow the days and weeks seem to be passing since surgery. Could time stop standing still please?! LOL But before we know it, it will be next year and we will look AMAZING! I am just hoping for at least 10lbs a month. You're doing just fine. But if you need to vent, message me anytime. I totally get it
  6. imgonnadanceagain's Avatar
    For those fed up with shakes, I found a trick! Try adding a little bit of sugar free pudding mix! Ahhhhh..... Butterscotch, banana cream, chocolate.... Yum!
  7. aclabombard13's Avatar
    I tried the pudding... it makes them more bearable... but still not a fan. I just have a hard time drinking something so sweet.
  8. momof3's Avatar
    I use unflavored protein with a 1/2 banana and a tablespoon of vanilla pudding (dry mix) and it taste wonderful