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Approval @ last. ;-)

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Got the good news today. My approval at last. Surgery date is 21 August 2012. So looking forward to it. Nervous too but more excited to start this new stage of my life. I'm trying to eat healthier and make better choices, but its not easy. Everyday is a struggle. Suppose it will always be like that, but hopefully it will become easier. Being is SA, its winter here now.. And well I want to eat - but fight it. Weekends are the worst.

Wish me luck. XxX

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  1. mila's Avatar
    Wonderful news! It's kind of hard waiting but so worth it. I have found that eating correctly is not at all a problem (this is a miracle) and I now crave veggies...crazy for me! I walk by the junk food at the grocery store and my stomach turns over. It's not that way for everyone but many many people on this site have said that their tastes have changed. Plus, your tummy is so small that you must make sure you eat protein first and that makes you full and satisfied. This surgery is a wonderful thing that will change your life. Congratulations.
  2. ALB-ZA's Avatar
  3. dackn8tr's Avatar
    Congratulations!!! It will certainly be here before you know it! For me making the right choices has been easier since my surgery, we had our son's graduation party here over the weekend and even surrounded by all that food (veggies, sandwiches, chips & dip, cupcakes, oreo pops) it didn't bother me at all to stand there and watch other people grab the foods i couldn't. I"m on the pureed stage of my diet so i couldn't eat anything i made but i ate my cottage cheese before they arrived and just drank my shake when the time came, the craving for those foods wasn't even an issue for me ... i have to tell you, that felt really good!!! : ) I'll be sending good thoughts your way!!
  4. SleeveSA's Avatar
    Thanks everyone.. So looking forward to it. Yes it will be painful and difficult in the beginning but to get to that point where I can be around people eating, and make the right choices, and not crave what I can't have or binge for that matter.
    Been waiting for this approval for so long, but know it was so worth it. Have a good day guys. Chat soon. XxX