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Breaking the barrier

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well finally I did it. I broke the 300 lbs barrier. This was a big psychological win for me. There's no real difference between 299 and 300 - but i am no longer the 300 lb+ man that is despised in airplanes, looked at as if i have no mental capacity in meeings, and seated at the back of restaurants. I know there is a phrase that people use when they get into the one hundreds 'onederland' - but I'm feeling 'two-riffick' about hitting the 200s.

Now to get the other 60-70 lbs off....

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  1. Tot410's Avatar
    That's fantastic a win is a win!!! Keep up the great work!
  2. ruinessx9701's Avatar
    Great news! Congratulations!!
  3. Kelin's Avatar
    Great job! Congrats
  4. Changing4Me's Avatar
    Awesome! You are doing fantastic. You will be at goal in no time!
  5. mac's Avatar
    That is so awesome!!!!! Good for you!
  6. mila's Avatar
    I think that psychologically this is a world of difference between 299 and 300. You must have been so psyched to see that 2. Amazing!! And motivating!!
  7. Jerome's Avatar
    Thanks all - and Mila you are very right; it was a great boost.
  8. ALB-ZA's Avatar
    Excellent! I'm a few pounds away myself. Can't wait.
  9. dfutral's Avatar
    Good for you!!! Awesome work.
  10. Jerome's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by mac
    That is so awesome!!!!! Good for you!
    Thanks Mac - we were sleeved on the same day - I hope you are doing well and feeling healthy
  11. JOJ2000's Avatar
    Fantastic!!!! I'm so happy for you!
  12. Robyn: )'s Avatar
    Congrats !!! Hitting a goal for yourself is GREAT !! No matter how big or small it is to others !!! Now set another !! : ))
  13. Jerome's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Robyn: )
    Congrats !!! Hitting a goal for yourself is GREAT !! No matter how big or small it is to others !!! Now set another !! : ))
    Well this one took 73lbs to achieve. Next goal is target weight by Christmas.
  14. monicacallahan11's Avatar
    Youve got this! Just know you will NEVER see 300lbs again!! I remember that feeling!! Congratssss!!!
  15. Neurorat's Avatar
  16. agreatknead's Avatar
    Congratulations, one step at a time and this was a giant leap! Good job, its all down hill (literally) from here!
  17. Jas's Avatar
    Congrats !! I haven't been around for a while and was thinking about you and how you might be going looks like you are doing fantastic !!! Keep up the great work and you rock those two riffics !!!!
  18. Loverlyme's Avatar
    This is so good. Well done Jerome!

    I just realised I must have tipped from the 300s to the 200s in the past three weeks also. Perhaps I should start counting in pounds, not kilos? I've been waiting to break through the 100kg barrier... I could have celebrated the two-rifficks all along!
    Updated 06-17-2012 at 07:30 AM by Loverlyme
  19. Jerome's Avatar
    Loverly - i count in pounds, kilos and stone - and celebrate all!
  20. mishapie's Avatar
    Thanks for the hello :-)
    Glad to see you're doing well.
    I'm now under 300 pounds for the first time in 18 years do I totally understand how you feel. I'm still huge but I'm back to the weight I was when I was 22 and I know it's going to keep reducing.
    It's very early days for me, I'm only 9 days post op and still on the liquids stage.
    I don't feel hungry as such but I have had food cravings. I think I miss chewing haha!
    The next few weeks will be difficult I think, getting used to puréed food and finding out what I can and can't eat but its a means to an end. Eventually everything will be a bit more 'normal'.
  21. Jerome's Avatar
    Yes - i think pureed is the worst stage on this journey. It was when i really felt low and questioned what i had done. It passes and it ts o much better. I would say that by week 9 you start feeling like yourself again - a much slimmer, fitter, yourslf
  22. jerzeygirl's Avatar
    Just "keep on, keeping on", and the weight will come off. You are going to continue to love this journey, and the benfits of this new lifestyle. I wish you continued success and keep us posted on your success.