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Not doing so great now!

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My surgery was May 9 and I had hernia repair as well. Everything was going great but for the last 8 days I have thrown up everything I put in my mouth. Even small sips of water. Not sure what is going on. I know I am not eating too much or too fast. My husband and children are getting really scared because I am always running to the bathroom after I eat. I get this really bad pain in the middle of my chest. It hurts so bad I cant catch my breath and then I throw up. Anybody else experience this? Any ideas?

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  1. tyler's Avatar
    No, but go to the doctor that would be sensible you dont want to dehyrate. All the best.
  2. thingirlwannabe's Avatar
    i hope you feel better, if not please see your DR...
  3. bethmn27's Avatar
    I agree, ask your doctor as soon as you can - you definitely don't want to dehydrate and you don't want a tear eitehr. Did you have acid reflux before surgery? And are you on something for acid reflux now?
  4. ubuibeme's Avatar
    I just had my one week post op appointment and my Dr. was talking to me about some warning signs to watch for and one of them was not being able to keep food or water down. She said usually you notice it getting worse and worse as time goes on. She called it stricture....it's where there is scar tissue build up and they go down and stretch it back out or remove the scar tissue or something. Definitely get in and get it checked out!
  5. Kelly Jo's Avatar
    Could possibly be gallbladder issues as well as this is very common with this surgery. Get it checked out.
  6. amberj's Avatar
    Thanks everybody! I will call office tomorrow. @bethmn27 yes I had really bad GERD and still am on Dexilant for it. @kelly jo I know that is one thing I can rule out since I had my gallbladder removed almost 15 years ago.
  7. amberj's Avatar
    Just wanted everybody to know that I went to dr and they did bloodwork. I am dehydrated and labs showed something going on with pancreas. Have to go back today for more tests and IV fluids.