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2 months post op - 70. Lbs down

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2 months post op and 70 lbs exactly lost since pre op diet.

So if you are thinking of having the sleeve, a few thoughts from me at this stage:

1) having the sleeve is tough. Not due to the op or healing; but just getting used to the new way of eating and the eternal struggle to consume enough protein.

2) after 8 weeks, I am only just now being able to eat more a few tablespoons of food. I have learnt to listen to my new sleeve and regulate my food intake to create a new wayof eating for me.

3) at first eating was a struggle and i despaired at ever being able to enjoy food again. This passes!

4) support is great. Find someone who doesn't mind hearing about your worries.

5) I can walk without my back hurting. I can swim again. I can traipse around london all day without wanting to sit down. Plane seat belts fit me. I am regaining my life back day by day.

6) i have had to buy clothes because mine no longer fit. I know i will only wear these for a short time before needing to buy new again. This makes me happy. I have gone from 5x to 2x. Next stop is XL.

I dont regret having done this at all. It does become easier - but it is a lifelong commitment. I still have a bundle of weight to lose - and a lifetime of ensuring i keep it off ahead. But after the first 8 weeks...YIPEE!

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  1. toirelan's Avatar
    I am so happy for you! I hope you continue to do well and enjoy the new you. What was your starting weight?
  2. Mushaboomer's Avatar
    That was a great post, thanks for sharing and best of luck on your continued success.
  3. misspram's Avatar
    That is so great! I can't wait to feel goo again! Keep up the good work!
  4. ubuibeme's Avatar
    You are doing so great! Keep up the good work!
  5. soph07's Avatar
    delighted for you! good work! hope i get same results!
  6. a healthier me's Avatar
    Yeah! That's great news! Thanks for sharing!