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Has any one tried weightless pills?

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Has anyone tried weight loss piss, like hydroxy cut or anything dietary supplement (besides whey protein or protein) for weight loss after the sleeve?
I am just curious as to what happens after the sleeve and u take like hydroxy cut or one of those pill and work out....

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  1. tori712's Avatar
    opss that in the tittle was supposed to be weightless but can't find the edit button.
    I am curious if you loose more weight or have more energy or something?
  2. 4linton's Avatar
    Tori, your on here with me quite a bit and I see you've lost 44 pounds so far. Your doing great, and I know I may make you feel bad by this but give your sleeve it's chance without all the over the counter stuff. I'd be concerned that you might be in a funk that it may not be coming off as fast as you'd like it to but it will keep working. Don't want to see you throw off your metabolism or nutrient levels as these products make a lot of claims but aren't specifically for WLS patients/recipients. Sorry if I overreached here but your a pretty girl, nothing inappropiate meant, and I see your at Fort Hood and I wonder if you have pressure to be or look a certain way that may make you feel under the gun so to speak. Good Luck and stay the course girl.
  3. Msvetrn's Avatar
    That would be A R E A L L Y B A D AND D U M B thing to do. Sorry-just keeping it real.
  4. aboutime4me's Avatar
    I hope you're just curious and asking and not really doing this. The surgery is your "forever pill" and all you need to reach your goal. Don't go down any old roads you used to travel. We've all been there and done that and have made that major decision/step in our lives for the sleeve. I agree, use your sleeve to its advantage. Work with it, don't fight it and you'll see your results. Some weight loss is slower than others but that's ok. This is for a lifetime. Hang on and enjoy the ride.
  5. tori712's Avatar
    I am not offended at all, I just wondered if anyone used any fad diet stuff like that or hcg after the sleeve.. But after reading this I can see no one has, lol.. I was curious the affects on you body from those I've never use one prior or will, so just wondered.
  6. ready2smile's Avatar
    abouttime4me and Tori712 - Surgery is your "forever pill" I LOVE THAT!!! I always say this surgery is the best diet pill I have ever tried!! The sleeve works, take your vitamins and take it one day at a time... hang in there girl!!!
  7. Munchkin's Avatar
    I read someone's blog that a person is trying hcg after sleeve. HCG diet limits the calories to about 500 a day without hunger. I can totally limit my calories to 500 a day without hunger (just do protein shake all day) with my sleeve but I don't want to live like that (the 2 weeks pre-op and post-op liquid diet was enough for me). I don't see the need to take pills after sleeve.