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WLS and Divorce..my journey

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Hi everyone, I was sleeved by dr Barba on 12/20/11..Have lost about 60 lbs so far. However my oh so wonderful husband has decided to divorce me. He informed me of his decision to move out(his grandma passed away in oct and he owns the 2 family she lived in) via text.. I felt like I was in high school again.. Now he wants me to take my name of our joint account. In all fairness, we have had seperate accounts for years as he would always get angry when i used any money from our joint account..im a little hesitant to do that before any finalization..Any advice??

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  1. mila's Avatar
    Absolutely do not do any such thing!! If there is a sizable amount in the account, immediately take out half. If you do not and he drains the account, there would probably be no recourse since you are still married. Go see a lawyer next week as soon as you can get in to see one. This is to protect your assets and yourself. Does your state's law split things 50/50? I'm sure you are in shock, but again I say protect yourself. I say this because I have been there. Thinking of you and saying prayers.
  2. Binks's Avatar
    Mila is right, get yourself to a lawyer. I am going through a similar situation, mine walked away the night before my surgery. Don't let him bully you around. And if you are in a community property state, any credit card debt he runs up could end up being your problem as well.
  3. workinprogress40's Avatar
    Men sure do know how to still ur joy!!!!! If u let them!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really hate that because divorce is really hard especially when it is done in a cowardly way. Like the other posters said that u have to protect urself and what is rightfully urs. Because no telling how long his lousy ass been thinking about this and what steps he already took. I want to know if u don't mind me asking did u see this comming? Did he tell u why he want a divorce? And how long you been married? I got a divorce in 2009 and I still havnt got over it even though I was the one who filed. So I know this is hard and I know it was the best thing for me because he had did everything under the sun to break me spiritual, mentally and physically. But when I tell u that GOD is good he is Awwsome protect urself and be strong and I truly wish u the best.
  4. Busybee's Avatar
    Just to reiterate the other posts. Make sure to close ALL joint credit cards even if you are not in a community property state if the card is a joint account he can run up debt even after the divorce and you will be responsible for up to the ENTIRE balance. Prepare yourself mentally no matter how amicable a divorce starts it almost always ends up in WAR. I am sorry you are going through this I've been there twice. It will get better. Sending up a prayer for peace for you.
  5. atx_sunshine4vr's Avatar
    Hi there, just like all the other post, get a lawyer because there is no telling what he has already done. Even though, my gut tells me not very much since he was a coward in the first place to tell you this via text. The thing I learned during my divource, you can't just remove a person a person from a joint account. Basically both decide it gets closed and then the person can open individual accounts. Do you contribute any money to the joint account? If so, take it out!!!! What he probably doesn't realize, if he recieved this property while married to you, you have every right to that property also.
    Keep the focus on YOU! It will be hard, but keeping the goal of you and your new lifestyle will help!
  6. knookamom's Avatar
    even though you loved him once, don't trust him now. PROTECT yourself, check to see what rights you have to joint account and any property.
  7. laperkins's Avatar
    I feel your pain. My ex did that to me right before I had lap band surgery. Please take these ladies advice. I have been there and learned the hard way. I would take 50% out of the joint account and put it in a safety deposit box. Do Not Spend It! I would consultant an attorney asap. I would also close all joint credit cards. Do not move out of your home that you life jointly. By the way, if your state is 50/50. YOu could be entitled to half of the grandmothers estate. Men can be ver selfish and insecure especially if they have kept you they way they wanted you to be all these years. Most do not like change. You deciding to change yourself could me that they might have to change something about themselves. If you need a friend to listen you can private message me. Good Luck!