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Long time...no post

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WOW, just realized I hadn't posted since November! So today I was sitting in the breakroom with a co worker talking and I CROSSED MY LEGS and sat that way the entire 15 minutes! OMG I just gotta say I feel soooo soooo soooo good. I have some sort of cold that is zapping my energy right now, but even with that I have SO much more energy than I used to! Since the beginning of my journey to get this weight off I've lost 93lbs, still have 7 to go to reach my goal, and about 30 of that was pre surgery, but I cannot tell you what a massive difference that made! I have been baking with my daughter (and bringing the cupcakes to work so I am not tempted) am up from 5/5:30 every morning...get kids up, lunches, breakfast...feed dogs, give them their vitamins (they are like having more kids!)...then go to work til 4:00 get kids, come home, make dinner and then generally have plans every single night of the week! Don't get to bed til 10ish...before there is no way I would have been able to do this schedule, now I'm ok. I fall into bed exhausted every night, but feel refreshed every morning.

I still try very hard to have a shake everyday....and I started taking iron pills cause I was low in iron. But I have to say that I am still sooo sooo happy that I had the sleeve.

When I started my journey I was in a 5x that was kind of tight....now I'm wearing 3x's that are too loose and more into 2x's. Some co-workers told me one day that I need to quit wearing my former 'big' clothes. I was wearing a 2x!

OH, and my 12 year old gave me a hug, this was about a month ago....she said OMG I can put my arms all the way around you! So then my 14 year old had to try it too....this is just awesome!

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  1. poppy's Avatar
    great work out hun, you are doing well keep up the good work!!
  2. jerzeygirl's Avatar
    Continued success! Don't you just love this journey that allows us to have a better quality of life... I know I've never felt better and am looking forward to see what life holds for me.
  3. lifeisgood's Avatar
    Great job. When I was able to cross my legs comfortably it made me feel soooo good as well. It has been a long time since I was able to do it without pain. Again congrats.
  4. Neurorat's Avatar
    The crossing the legs thing is the greatest! Congrats!!
  5. 1onthemove's Avatar
    Wow!! Congrats on your success! I tried crossing my legs a while back and nearly dislocated my hip! I can't wait!
  6. Karon4004's Avatar
    I understand where you're coming from completely. I sit with my legs crossed now and can't believe how the top one sits at the side of the bottom one. Before it would be more at a right angle, if you know what I mean. This sleeve makes everyone so happy and helps us be what we've wanted to be for so long when we were trapped in a fat body. Congratulations. I can't wait to be a few pounds away from target. If I feel this good now, what will I feel like then?