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Near 10 years post op VSG

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It's been a LONG, LONG time...
Come December 4th of this year I will be 10 years post op of having vertical sleeve surgery. I have aboslutely NO regrets. I can still to this day barely eat 2 chicken wings. My weight fluctuates between 99 and 117 ish... I'm good with that.

I do have a delima that's requiring me to make a pretty major medical decision. Prior to my sleeve surgery I had a hiatal hernia that had to be repaired in order to proceed with my surgery. Well, close to 10 years later the hernia has returned and they apparently repair one with some of the stomach. Another well to this... I have a 2 oz size stomach, 85% was REMOVED so there isn't enough stomach to do an actual repair. I've been given TWO options. I can either opt to have gastric bypass that I absolutely don't need but will take care of the issue OR I can have what they call a LYNX put in place that will ease symptoms without guarantee. So... Heavily on my mind I am leaning towards going ahead with the gastric bypass option. The doctor even told me the only downside for me with that one is that I WILL in fact lose weight which I already gathered that part.

Up until I have had no issues due to my VSG procedure and have been very, very happy. I was told by my PCP that hiatal hernias are common with bariatric patients. She's apparently correct.

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