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I was successful until 2 years ago when A LOT of things happened: loss of my brother; graduate school; sedentary job (mental health); more health issues. I regained 45pd and can't get it down. I went back go pre-op/pouch reset. Nothing is working.

I have the option to get a resleeve in Mexico by Sergio Verboone.

I'm worried due to having 3 heart attacks 2 weeks after my last sleeve. I also developed chronic upper back pain due to stomach issues.

Any knowledge or advice?

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  1. goestogym's Avatar
    It seems like it would be a risk that you can't afford to take. Is there a therapist that you have trust in? Please take care of yourself, safely.
  2. Pam G's Avatar
    it's been 7 years since my sleeve.

    I lost a ton of weight in the first 10 months. once I got to my lowest (for a hot minute), I started regaining. the gain was slow at first, then suddenly, in 2021, it skyrocketed. I've regained around 50-55 lbs. Still 50 less than when I had surgery, but too much.

    I think what started it is that I started feeling hunger again. REAL freekin' HUNGER. Like, true pain. Like it was before I had the surgery. The sleeve fixed the stomach pain I felt for a few years. But now... it's been back with a vengeance.

    Also, I stopped thinking about food and eating nonstop after the surgery. Then, that constant thinking about food came back with the hunger.

    I've just started searching for "re-sleeve" info, or something that can take away that hunger again. I came across this post from almost a year ago.....did you get the revision done?