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giving thanks

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this Thanksgiving I have so much to be thankful for! We are homeowners, none of us got Covid even though alot of friends & co workers had it, my relationship w/ my inlaws is improving steadily, I'm finally starting to lose some of the quarantine weight I put on, and mentally I'm feeling much better since I got put on another medication & we added another family member. We got a great white Pyranees puppy before Halloween named Koda which means little bear & he looks like a polar bear. After tomorrow I get to be off w/ my family for a few days for Thanksgiving break. My lo will be 6 on Friday & my mil's birthday is Saturday so we'll take her out to dinner & we'll celebrate Christmas w/ his parents before they go back to fl. The next time they come will be in June for my older son's high school graduation. Time is flying & I'm just trying to be present & make memories w/ my family & be grateful for all my Blessings. Hope everyone has a happy healthy Thanksgiving!!!!

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  1. Jaycee9's Avatar
    Itís hard after the holidays, one day at a time, looking at keto or paleo may be helpful, god luck with everything