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shoulder surgery & weight woes

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so I finally had my shoulder surgery on 4/6/21. They were able to do it arthroscopically thankfully & remove all the calcium & arthritis & repair the tears w/o any anchors. Yesterday I had my follow up & my stitches were taken out. I can begin PT next week & can slowly start to work my way out of the sling & can drive again since I'm no longer on pain meds. Still can't vacuum or lift anything over 5lbs until PT clears me. I have been getting cabin fever & eating sweets & carbs non stop. As a result I've gained 5lbs since surgery. I weigh more right now than when I gave birth to my youngest 5 yrs ago. I'm just stuck in a rut & have zero motivation since I basically live in sweats or pjs. I put on a pair of denim capris yesterday for my appointment & I felt like a stuffed pig. Last year they were baggy & I didn't have to unbutton or unzip to take them off. But Still I ate ice cream & chocolate yesterday. I am just so not in the mindset I was so long ago when I first started this journey because I feel like I have nothing to look forward to & have zero motivation. Just feeling very discouraged & bummed out.

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  1. Jaycee9's Avatar
    Hi, it will get easier, can be a hard time after surgery, hang in there