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Charlie Black

Needing your HELP! with accountability...

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Happy New Year, Everyone! Hope everyone is keeping well with the journey during these COVID times. I need your help keeping me accountable on my journey! So I have created a youtube channel focused just on my weight loss journey, please check it out! I love and welcome any input or support my RNY family has to offer look forward to chatting with all of you soon


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  1. Williamrush's Avatar
    Nice! It takes courage to post your weight loss journey. I will watch it with the greatest pleasure. The video camera does not like me very much, but I also plan to do a Youtube channel. Any advice on how to start? Btw I use https://loader.to, my favorite converter for lousy internet connection, haha. I use it frequently to download free music from Youtube because ads are killing me. Also, I can listen to music without Wifi, which makes it comfortable to listen to music even from underground trains.