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The HARDEST Thanksgiving yet.

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Hello all. I know I haven't participated but I do visit often and read the posts. This past October marked 3 years since my VGS. I got down to 140 and since covid may 2020 I bounced back to 165. I stopped going to the gym because I have concerns about saftey covid precautions but I do have a personal trainer who visits 3 times a week. I noticed that outside of work, I dont socialize anymore and am developing anxiety when I do. This causes me to want to eat. Oh, and boredom causes me to want to eat. This was also the first Thanksgiving i spent it alone. By myself. I know this is jumble of complaints vomited onto a screen but I feel like I dont know what more to do anymore.
I need to focus. Must I miss people.
Anywho thank you for letting me vent.

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  1. KiwiGal's Avatar
    By crikey this Covid business has a lot to answer for doesn't it?!
    We are so lucky here in NZ that apart from overseas travel we are pretty much living our "normal" lives. Our lockdowns (we had 2) were hard. So I understand a little of what you are feeling. Thankfully I had my partner and my work to focus on but I had to really make a concerted effort not to head to the pantry and fridge too often. It's a constant temptation working from home. We were lucky that our big lockdown happened when the weather was good so we were able to get outside and do some jobs that we hadn't had time for previously. Also we were able to go for long walks around the neighbourhood.
    I also found some wool and started crocheting again. I'm not great at it but managed to cobble together a blanket for our new grand daughter.
    I guess what I'm saying is that if you can try and find a distraction then that might help.
    Being alone must be really difficult. I was grateful for video calls to my friends and family. We programmed in regular chats each week which was good. Are you able to do something like that perhaps?
    These are difficult times so please don't beat yourself up too much. You need to do whatever you can to get through them - and venting on here is not only allowed, it's recommended :-)

    Kia Kaha (stay strong)
  2. BraveJan's Avatar
    Sounds good
  3. Jaycee9's Avatar
    Always the hardest time of year