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new house new life

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Well it's been completly hectic here since school got out. My husband lost his job of 14 yrs & health insurance & our home on my last day of work @ school. The next morning he had a job interview, accepted a position on friday for more $ thankfully & started the following monday. The BIG boss here said we originally had to be out by July 3 but when he told her all the major issues we had w/ my paps house (black mold,no heat,ac,windows removed,piss soaked carpet & flooring, plumbing) she gave us until 5pm on July 17. So the days he's working I'm here packing & then on his off days we go to the house to clean & do repairs. We've been extremely Blessed by great friends & family who have helped us tremendously!!! We have one functioning bathroom, all the walls & ceilings have been painted, the carpet & flooring is going to be done by tomorrow evening & our 4th company is coming to give us an estimate on hvac. I also have to enroll my son into a new school district & get the lo enrolled in a day care. So w/ all this going on to say my eating habits have gone off the wagon is a complete understatement! Most days I live on coffee & fast food & we usually don't get to eat until late at night. We're all putting in 10-12 hr days at the house but hopefully we will be able to move in before the 16th. Hope everyone is staying safe & healthy.

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  1. Vasil's Avatar
    Good luck in the future
  2. rinegills's Avatar
    Hi! How are you doing now? Share your story and tell us why the house was in such a terrible state? My father lives far away from me, and I rarely get to visit him, so I also worry about the condition of his house. But I found a solution to the problem of regularly contacting a cleaning company that cleans my father's house. We use reverse mortgage tools for this, and it is very convenient, in my opinion. So I know that my father lives in a clean house where all the critical systems function.
  3. Jaycee9's Avatar
    Good luck, thanks for posting