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1. Will I be able to drink coffee or caffeinated beverages after the sleeve?
2. I'm a little worried about loose skin, I dint want to do any plastic surgery, How do I get rid of loose skin after the weight loss, supposing I get loose skin

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  1. sraebaer's Avatar
    I was able to drink coffee and caffeine after surgery in small amounts. Now 6 years later I drink more than one cup a day!

    Loose skin depends on lots of things. Age, how much weight you lose, etc. You can have surgery, try lotions, exercise to tone, or just deal with it. I lost about 80 pounds and find my loss skin hides well under clothes. I'm too chicken to have a tummy tuck, being sliced hip to hip. But it would be nice!
  2. Adanso2020's Avatar
    Thanks a lot. What about wine, can I have wine after the VSG?
  3. kenson's Avatar
    You will be able to eat and drink basically anything you want after surgery--just small amounts of it. Also, your tastebuds may change. Things you used to like, you may or may not be able to tolerate. Also, yes you can have wine, but for me, one glass and its like I've had two or three.