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No corona & job worries

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My husband's coronavirus came back negative thankfully!!!! That Saturday though his entire calf was red,hot & inflamed so we called his dr & he was told to go to med express. He had cellulitis & was put on a very strong antibiotic & topical antibiotic. He is all better now Thank God!!!! He had his online meeting today & was told that if our area doesn't get to go into green then he & all the other employees will be furloughed & then I don't know what we'll do. My mom is having carotid artery surgery & no one can be w/ her so I have that on my list of worries as well. The school year will be over soon so I'll be home until camp can reopen hopefully. If for some awful reason it doesn't my husband will have to look for another job & worse case scenario we'll have to move. So please send up some prayers for all my woes. Thanks so much!

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  1. sraebaer's Avatar
    Doesn't sound like summer camps are happening. Hope yours does.