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needing prayers during the pandemic

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As some of you may know I've been working everyday since this all started making up to 450 lunches everyday that we are handing to or putting in people's cars. We all wear gloves & masks & all of us at work have some type of a compromised immunity as well as my husband & my 2 sons. One of the janitors at a nearby school was tested & thankfully he came back negative but our delivery drivers adult son tested positive & he's also a diabetic. So her house is in quarantine but she's been in & out of all our schools everyday up until tuesday. As soon as i get home from work I take off my uniform,wash my hands & face then shower & change my clothes before I talk to my family. Well yesterday I was supposed to work 6-2 meaning I wake up @ 4:45. My husband came in around 8 that night complaining of being frozen to the bone. I fell asleep at 9:30 & at midnight he woke me up. He's a diabetic & he had a 100.8 fever, pounding headache,body aches,chills & sweating profusely. I talked to a friend who's a nurse & he told me to call the dr in the morning & notify my boss. Hubby did a tele call w/ our dr who told him he needed to get tested for the coronavirus. He went that morning & said it was awful that he wouldn't wish that test on his worst enemy. The results will be back in 2 days & in the meantime he has to self isolate. So we put him in our oldest son's room & my oldest is bunking w/ me. I'm the only one who goes into the room & I wear a mask & gloves. My husband has no appetite, & his fever keeps going up & down & he still has all the same symptoms.I am terrified that he has this & what that will mean. I used up my last sick day at work today so if he is positive, we are in quarantine for 14 days & then I will have to be tested & come back negative before I can go back to work. Im at my emotional limit, barely sleeping or eating & I'm just constantly praying for my husband to get better. Please lift my family & the rest of those in need up in prayer!!! thank you! Stay safe & stay healthy

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  1. Bonnie D.'s Avatar
    Sending prayers and positive thoughts your way. So sorry that you are going through this. I had a scare with my daughter who is an RN. She was real sick, something going around where she worked. She had double ear infection and so they tested her for Covid 19 and told her it would take 4 days to get results. It took them 14 days to give her the results, so she didn't work for 14 days and her boyfriend who is a policeman could not work. She went back to work on the 14th day and she received the call that it was negative. We will all get through this, together.
  2. AnnieG's Avatar
    Prayers rising for your family; uncertainty is almost as hard as illness. Four of our 6 kids are in "essential" jobs in their states, and 3 of them have kids of their own so we hear your concerns. Be safe and please keep us posted. <3
  3. Jaycee9's Avatar
    Sending best wishes