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pandemic & progress

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Hopefully everyone is staying safe & healthy during all this craziness. I'm considered an "essential employee" because we are feeding kids. I've worked everyday except the first day this all started. It's both good & bad-good that I still get a paycheck & bad because I'm being exposed to the public. As soon as I get home I take off my uniform & wash my hands & face before I even talk to my family. I & my little one dearly miss my mom & my brother & his family but w/ my mom being highly susceptible to any illness we are staying away until this is all over. My oldest has his nights & days flipped because his schedule is gone. We were watching a movie this weekend when his phone started going off constantly & then mine did. It was the girl from the outlet situation trying to talk to him!!! I texted back to the mom that we didn't want any further communication between the 2 of them because of what happened & to please respect that & don't contact him or myself again. He had over 34 missed calls from that girl!! The mom kept pressing but finally agreed w/ me. On other news my mom's carotid artery ultrasound came back & she has 85% blockage on the right side & 75% on the left but its not considered an emergency so her surgery is on hold until all this is over. Hope everyone stays safe & healthy!!!

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  1. AnnieG's Avatar
    Thanks for reaching out; prayers for your mum to remain stable while life adjusts to what we have going on.

    We are retired, and we are doing well. Avoiding other people for now. Our grown kids are all in essential professions, but able to work from home to keep things going and not having to worry about them is good. Our neighbors are younger than we are, and have all reached out to say they would shop or assist if we needed them. That's true regardless of what's going on. Community holds us together

    Prayers for all to remain healthy, and to be prudent.