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growing pains & mom worries

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so the last time I checked in I was about to start my new position at a different school & so far so good! My oldest asked me to drive him to meet this girl he's been talking to for awhile to Tanger outlets. So we & the baby drove over an hour to meet up w/ this girl & her mom. They take off & her mom & I are trying to make small talk & our info is not adding up. So I start to get suspicious & start texting my son. He ignores the texts & calls so I look on the life 360 app & see he's not moving. I tell the girls mom, we need to go find them. Long story short we track them down to a family bathroom!!! I put him to the wall & demand to know what he did & if he touched that girl or if she touched him. The mother starts sobbing hysterically saying basically the girl is a whore & such a disappointment & where did she go wrong as a mother???!!! I was the rational one which I normally wouldn't have been but I had my 4 yr old w/ us as well. All they did was make out because the girl was on her period & he's 16 & she's 15 but it could have been so much worse!!! Any way we get home, tell him he's grounded from his phone & all further activities & he got pissed & punched a wall directly on the stud the next evening breaking his ring & pinky finger on his right hand! We saw the ortho on Monday & the scheduled surgery for the next morning. The sunday evening following his surgery he breaks out in hives from the cast. Back to ortho that removes the cast & scrubs his arm w/ antibacterial soap & gives him an exoskeleton to wear until his follow up this Friday. UGH!!!! All this over a girl & as of now he's not even talking to anymore thank goodness!!!! Also my mother saw the neurologist & passed all the tests for alzheimers w/ flying colors & saw her cardiologist who said she had 70% blockages a year ago in both her carotid arteries. She had the iv dye test to see how much more the blockage is on Friday & my brother & I nagged her into doing the surgery to clear them if the dr says she needs it. The blockages could be causing alot of her forgetfulness & other issues. I've been really struggling w/ stress eating due to all of this. So Please say a few prayers for my son & my mom is you could. TYSM!!!!

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  1. Katrina's Avatar
    I couldnt even finish reading all of this... too much. Too much! Come on now, we don't need to know about all this with your son and the girl on her period
  2. sraebaer's Avatar
    Always my comic relief Katrina.
  3. lundbergmn's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by sraebaer
    Always my comic relief Katrina.
    thanks sraebaer!!!!!!