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2020 changes

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well the follow up w/ the ortho was eventful. He gave me 2 injections-1 cortisone behind my shoulder & a different injection straight into the pocket of the calcific tendinitis. It hurt like hell! Felt like it went into the bone, but so far my constant pain has eased quite a bit Thankfully!!! Also, I got a "promotion"at work-its only 2.5 hrs/wk more but more responsibility & at an elementary/middle school. My husband was NOT happy when I told him about it because I didn't bid on the school because I start at 6:30 & that's when my oldest is leaving for school. It was that or I could stay at the high school but I'd lose 43 hours & my supplemental insurance because they're eliminating that position. So now I can get a couple more hours & insurance for myself & both my boys. My husband was so angry he actually left the house for a few hours because he'll have the majority of the morning responsibility of getting our sons out the door. That & I'm usually in bed asleep by 10 every night lol. On a side note my sister & her pos husband finally came & got all their crap out of my grandma's house but the damage they left behind is substantial to say the least! Also my mom has been showing similar signs of alzheimer's like her mom did so I'm taking her to the dr for a check up tomorrow. Please say a few prayers for her for good results. And the 5lbs of booze weight I gained on the cruise came off thanks to a nasty stomach flu last weekend. Hope everyone's 2020 is starting off well!

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  1. sraebaer's Avatar
    You and I have the same shoulder. Just got the same hurt like hell injections. Here's to avoiding surgery!
  2. Katrina's Avatar
    Same shoulder here too. I gained from 102 to 117 in 2017 after all the cortisone injections... and my shoulder still hurts! I hope your relief continues.
  3. Jaycee9's Avatar
    Hope all is going well and shoulder has recovered