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mil drama & food poisoning

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well it's been quite awhile since I've been on here. The summer absolutely flew past! I've been having some kidney pain since april-may so I've had 2 ultrasounds,bloodwork & a CT scan & I'm now waiting on results. Also had an issue w/ my right arm & neck around the 4th of July where my hand went numb so I'm now doing physical therapy & got a cortisone injection in my shoulder. The whiplash I sustained from my car accident before Christmas never healed completly. Then in August I was on my way to take my oldest son to football practice & a deer ran out in front of us & caused over $8000 in damages but Thankfully we were all fine. My inlaws came up from Fl before school started & I told my mil & my husband that I wanted to have family pics taken of the 4 of us, his parents, my mom & my niece for their & my mom's Christmas present this year. Well right away she started to complain! So to make things more accomodating for her I worked around her timeline/travel plans. When I asked her if they had brought jeans w/ them she said "I knew you were going to do this!" I went by the shirt colors she had brought also & she still wasn't happy. So the day of our photo session she complained the entire 40 min & then when the photographer posted a few of our pics to my Facebook page my mil texted my husband & myself saying "I don't want my picture on Facebook!!!!!. I said excuse me??? I didn't post any of you the photographer put them on my page. She just reiterrated I don't want my picture on Facebook & I replied K. I msgd the photographer & asked her to remove the pics w/ my in laws in them & I apologized for my mil & how she was acting. Also my oldest son just turned 16 & I took him & 2 friends & my little one to Kennywood on Sunday. Fast forward to monday evening & all 3 of us & his friend have stomach cramps,nausea & vomiting. The only thing we all had in common was the lemonade made w/ real lemons. Our first cup had maybe 6 ice cubes in it but we were all thirsty because it was hot out. So thanks to the dirty lemons we were all miserable. All is well now though thankfully & football season is here so we're busier than normal. Getting ready for halloween soon then the holidays. Hope everyone is well & healthy!

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