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Gastric Sleeve in Prague

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I went to Prague (Bruno) in May 20th and had my Gastric Sleeve operation on 21st May. The clinic was amazing, clean, very efficient and the Staff were fantastic. I would definitely go back for a tummy tuck in the future. I have lost 3st and 5lb to date so far. I donít have any regrets and feel so healthy and happy. I still have a way to go with my weight loss but its moving in the right direction. I aim to eat a high protein diet and find this easier to follow.

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  1. Christie13's Avatar
    Glad you had a great experience. Many years ago I had my C-section deformity fixed in Zagreb Croatia and it was the same. Very clean, professional, and friendly. If I was living overseas I would have not have thought twice about going to a place like that again. Congrats on your sleeve.
  2. kenson's Avatar
    Congratulations! Welcome to the sleeved side!
  3. John S's Avatar
    Hi Watsanne090601,

    I also went to Brno in Prague for my gastric sleeve on 20th August of this year(2019). The clinic, all staff, everything was amazing and you couldn’t ask for anything better. Walked around Brno the day before surgery and it’s a beautiful city too.

    I’m so glad I went there and Vendy was really good at answering my questions and explaining everything too