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Our Sweden trip, boondocking

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Maybe you like to know, what our life looks like, living fulltime in a RV.
I thought I would give you a little insight.
We love to stay at lonely places, and enjoy the nature surrounding us.
All alone (which is not the same as lonely), with the peace and the quite.
At this moment we found a place to set up camp, deep in the woodiewoods, where practically no people live.
We make our own electricity, we have propane tanks on board and we can make drinking water by filtering the water from the lake.
This may sound all very primitive, but we also have a hot water boiler, a central heating system and a nice bathroom with toilet and shower.

We are planning on staying here for about 2,5 weeks.
That took a bit of planning and prepping.
I have food on board for about 3 weeks and I made a meal plan for those weeks that incorporates all important foods, like my proteins and veggies.
It took a lot of meal prepping and I can put a lot in my freezer.

I have a propane stove top, a foldable Coleman oven, that goes on top of the stove, and a small electric oven.
I have to constantly monitor the state of our batteries and the remaining propane.
Based on the hours of sunshine (we have solar panels that can charge our batteries) I decide whether I'll use my stove top or the electric oven.
All of our meals are healthy and delicious.

First thing we do after breakfast is getting our exercise, we go for a hike for a couple of hours.
My little dog goes with us, where ever we go.
The hunting season starts the 1st of september, so she will have to wear her reflective coat, I don't want her to be mistaken for a rabbit.
We also wear reflective gear, better safe than sorry!

When we return from our hike we go on with our day, do our daily chores, like any household.
At the end of the afternoon wel like to go sit at the fire place, weather permitted and drink our warm coco.
Sometimes we bake potatoes in the fire and grill salmon or something else.

After dinner we relax and watch tv, we do have a satellite dish, but sometimes we don't have a good signal.
So we watch movies and tv series that we have downloaded in advance.
We go to bed early and we are early risers.

This is more or less a "day in the life...".
We love this, but these days are really the icing on the cake, we consider this our "vacation".
Most of the time we are close to civilization and shops.
We can fill up our propane tanks if needed and our water tanks.
I can buy fresh produce (if it is for sale, that is, not always the case) and the supplies I need.

I sometimes read here, that it can be challenging to follow the wls rules while travelling, but I can tell you from my own experience, it is very doable.
It may take some (or a lot) of planning and anticipating, but it can certainly be done.

If you have read this all up to here: thank you!
Just thought I'd share some of my life with you all.
I've included some pictures too...
Love you all!

Our home near a beautiful lake

Our fireplace is in need of some repairs

Hiking in the woodiewoods

Summer is coming to an end...

Hubby is taking care of the fire wood

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  1. Katrina's Avatar
    Love this! Love the pictures, too!
  2. coopersmom's Avatar
    Dutchie just reading your post makes me want to go RVing too! It sounds so peaceful and fun. You've done such a great job with your sleeve and always have an encouraging word and good advice here on the Forums. I appreciate your input.

    Keep on keeping on! PS - Love the doggie, aren't they the best friends ever?
  3. kenson's Avatar
    Dutchie, I'm ready to go RV'ng! My uncle and I used to always say that we want to get an RV and travel across the country with our family. Your pictures are breathtaking!
  4. Dutchie's Avatar
    I wish there was a "Thank you" button in the blog posts as well.
    Thank you for all your lovely comments!
  5. sraebaer's Avatar
    Sounds lovely!
  6. Christie13's Avatar
    Simonne it all sounds lovely. I think the most amazing thing to me is the true connection you and your hubby share to live the lifestyle you do. That is love my friend. Big hugs!
  7. KiwiGal's Avatar
    What an idyllic lifestyle. I am very envious.
    How wonderful that you have the opportunity to experience this.
  8. Sandra3's Avatar
    Amazing retirement!!! well done Simonne!!!what a great life!! lovely post and photos!!