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It's been a great summer!

The first of June we went to Destin, Florida with a bunch of friends. Rented a house and pontoon boat with double slides. Had a jolly good time.
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July sent us to Cleveland, Ohio where my husband's family lives. His mom is in the end stages of glioblastoma, so we're heartbroken at what we're facing, but so glad we got to see her. I got to enjoy the fireworks for 4th of July while there.
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August had a trip to New Orleans with friends and lots of yummy dinners out.
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My baby girl also finally came home from college for two weeks. She'll be a junior at Auburn this year, and I had to say goodbye to her last night for her to head back up to school. I miss my baby so much!
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Oh, I also bought a jetski a few weeks ago and a Yukon two days ago :)
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Tomorrow, August 19 is my sweet Brooke's birthday. She would have been 25. The 20th is my grandson Maddox's 4th birthday. Heartbreakingly, neither are here to celebrate with us. I don't think I ever talked about it here, but Maddox was born way too early August 20, 2015 at 22 weeks. We had him for 28 beautiful days. My precious Brooke never recovered from the loss of Maddox, and we lost her too on Christmas night of 2015. Meg got catastrophically ill in the weeks following, and I was consumed with trying to get her life saved, so that probably saved my life from the despair over Brooke and Maddox. I miss them so terribly much, and August has been a horrible month for me the last 3 years with their birthdays being back to back.
Happy birthday , my loves!
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  1. Christie13's Avatar
    I am so sorry to hear about Brooke and Maddox. Big hugs.
  2. WANAGL's Avatar
    I’m sooo sorry for your losses, Katrina :-((

    Sending All Good Thoughts and Prayers...and Lots of Love <3
  3. Sandra3's Avatar
    Hey Katrina,

    I remember your messages on December 2015. I was getting ready for my surgery, and was thinking 'she is so strong!" Life must go on, and you did show resilience and that was a big help for Meg, your fight against those bad and stupid doctors saved her life!!

    We all have those very bad months, losses, we are heartbroken and we feel we can never be happy again, and feel guilty when we are, but because we are mothers it's important to try our best to keep our head out of the water.Others depend on us!
    I'm glad you had some happy times this Summer, even your little cute doggo looked happy! that will help for what's coming! be strong Katrina!!

    Like everybody, I lost loved ones too, not a child or a grandchild, but losing my best friend and my dad in accidents did change me (and many many other relatives in a few months, at some point I couldn't fly back, no more days off, I was sending flowers every months for funerals). Sometimes I feel like I will never be able to be "the same" because pain consume part of our joy. But mothers need to be strong for their babies...and we try our best!

    Big hugs!!
  4. Dutchie's Avatar
    Heartbreaking... I am so sorry for your losses...
    They will always be in your heart, but the pain remains...
    You are one strong puppy Katrina!
    So good to read that you also had a great time!
    I love your jetski btw and you look stunning in every picture!
  5. KiwiGal's Avatar
    So very sorry for your losses. Sending you lots of love.
    You are such a strong woman!
    I am so glad that around these sad times you have been able to enjoy yourself. Very envious of the jetski!