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We are back in Sweden

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Almost one year after the lost blog post, we are back in Sweden.
This time, however, we will travel to the utmost northern coast of the European continent, far beyond the Polar Circle.
Weather permitted, of course.
I looked it up, we are travelling up to 71 degrees latitude, which is the European equivalent of the most northern part of Alaska, Barrow, even beyond Prudhoe Bay.
We are really excited!
We hope for a wonderful time of hiking, campfires and spotting wildlife.
We just entered Sweden, we are currently just north from Malmö, and found a beautiful place to stay at the seashore.
Hope the weather will get better though...

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  1. AnnieG's Avatar
    That's a lot of travel! My father lived in Prudhoe Bay area (well, Happy Valley) for many years. I used to travel a great deal when I was "younger" (not sure younger than what). But we find our community so agreeable, and our kids relatively close (45 min to 4 hours) and the dogs are only 3 and 4, so its a bit less exciting to have to roll up one end and extend on another. Sometimes I miss it. But chapters in life are always so interesting!
  2. Sandra3's Avatar
    Lovely photo! safe travel!!
  3. Katrina's Avatar
    That picture is gorgeous. I love those dark skies as the backdrop, but I know better weather makes for better travel, so here's hoping things clear up for you. Have fun!
  4. Christie13's Avatar
    Simonne that photo is absolutely beautiful. I am glad you get to have so many wonderful traveling adventures. I so wish I had your life. I love to travel and see the world. I have been to many places but not nearly as much as you . Continue to enjoy it. Sounds like such a wonderful trip.
  5. KiwiGal's Avatar
    How beautiful!
    Please post some more photos when you have a chance.
  6. WANAGL's Avatar
    I’m so excited for y’all ;-)

    What a beautiful spot!!!

    Please post lots of pictures ;-)

    Safe travels!