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Hey All,

I've been away from this forum for months. My life has had some major ups and downs and I feel like my weight has followed suit. About 7 months out, I started eating sweets and stopped losing weight. Just like that, it was very easy to get into bad habits. I followed the protein and veggies first but carbs crept in...and candy and so on. I got down to about 152 after being sick with a flu bug in November and then slowly gained about 5 pounds over the holidays and then a few more over the past 6 months with about a 10 pound total gain. I cancelled my 1 year check in appointment with the RD three times because I was ashamed to face the scale and possibly some scorn? But it was mostly because I am disappointed in myself. From the very beginning, I knew that this journey has to be continued and worked and it is not ever going to end. Just because I lost 60 pounds does not mean that I have permission to eat whatever I want. I will gain back ALL OF IT if I keep eating like I am. So I just announced to my husband that I am getting rid of all the sweets in the house and getting back to basics. My sleeve is still doing its job, I definitely have restriction at 15 months. I need to use it to its advantage and eat the right things. And work out and walk more, I'm not doing that enough. Boy, stress really gets me off track, I need to start focusing on myself again. I've adjusted my ticker, made a healthy grocery list for the week and planned my workouts. I will be checking in regularly to be accountable. Reading all of your posts are so inspiring because I know I can finally get to where I want to be

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  1. sraebaer's Avatar
    I was in the same situation; have lost 10 to 12 pounds since February. It's so easy to gain it's frustrating! But you can do it with your head in the game. Best of luck to you!
  2. kenson's Avatar
    I regained 20 lbs,(I've lost 12) so I know what you mean. You've already re-commited so that's the first thing. You've made your plan, now work your plan!
  3. Sandra3's Avatar
    Since you didn't go to your post-op, did you have a blood test recently?
    I found out that each time I have cravings, my iron is way too low. Do you still take your vitamins?
    If you didn't have a blood test recently just get a script from your PCP..
  4. vanzimme's Avatar
    oh gosh. i too am on the same road as you. Stress and overwhelmed with life and i too let carbs sugar and bad habits back into my life. I have gained back 30 pounds from my lowest weight was not yet where i wanted to be originally. Now with my regain i have 90 pounds to loose at elast to get to onederland.
  5. Aydensmomma's Avatar
    Good for you to not ignore the scale. Before the sleeve I used to ignore the scale. With the attitude of "well, another point isn't going to make a difference" I needed to gain after loosing too much. When I gained up to my goal of 145 I kept doing what I was doing and in no time at all the scale almost 160. That's when I said to myself "if I don't stop stop now, I be 255 pounds again." I had been eating carbs so my body was telling me to go get junk food. Cravings were strong but I resisted and by the 3rd or 4th day of staying away from the junk and carbs my body stopped craving it. The 'lose it' app helped me track calories. I got back on track and now I stay between 145 and 150.