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Surgery on Friday!!

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After meeting with two new surgeons in May, I saw again one of those two on Monday, but at the same time also organized an appointment with an other "rescue" surgeon, but this time working in a private hospital.
Long story short, I always preferred going for public hospitals but couldn't cope any longer!!

When the fourth surgeon (public) said "it was going to be complicated and I needed to do more exams" ....then she said I was going to have surgery in October or November, I started crying!! I was so mad!!
The nurse came, she was trying her best to be helpful, but at that point I was so fed up, I told my husband I was ready to fly back to Taipei.

Then, a miracle!!
Met surgeon number five Monday afternoon!!! indeed, you pay everything...a lot...but whatever!! still cheaper than flying across the world!

I had this huge bag of tests, exams, xray, MRI, Scans etc...he looked at two cd's lungs/stomach...he was horrified!!
He said he couldn't believe they let me walk around with a line of staple rubbing my stomach nerve!! no wonder it was so painful!! (on top of the reflux!)
I was guessing it was the reason...but each time I did explain it was so painful for months, they just found some excuse to delay the surgery. I'm guessing it's so complicated with the endometriosis...they are scared!!

Not my number five surgeon!
Also, I was so lucky...there is a "heat wave" right now, so people are worried and cancel all their appointment, surgeries etc...for me it's the perfect temperature, after three year in the Phoenix oven and three years in steaming Asian heat....right now the weather is perfect!

So we were talking, I was asking about the iron infusion I need since I'm still really deficient and my "expert doc from work" did recommend to take care of that issue asap, because he said that's the reason why sleepless, I'm exhausted and I might catch viruses again if it's not adressed!

In January when I was one week in hospital for all the tests, the doc actually refused to do an iron infusion, saying I "was not anemic yet"....so you have to be drowning to be recued??? this is so stupid..

My new saver surgeon said right away indeed you need iron!
And he said someone just cancelled for Friday, do you want the surgery now??
I was so happy!!!
I can't wait for the pain to be gone for good, I can't wait to sleep in my bed!!

I will keep you posted!

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  1. KiwiGal's Avatar
    Sandra, this is such good news. Thank heavens for a surgeon who knows what he is doing and for the cancellations etc - it is indeed well over due for you to be treated.
    Sending you all good wishes for Friday.
    Kia Kaha
    (Stay strong)
  2. Sandra3's Avatar
    Thank you Lisa!
    I'm a little scared (anesthesia, risks etc) but at the same time so so relieved!! I might be able to sleep in my bed on Saturday night. My back will really appreciate!!

    The very bad point in the whole story, the comparison between the two scans (November, then January) did show a lot more damages in January...this surgeon is the only one who took the time to watch the whole DVDs of the scans and not just read the conclusions of the radiologist!
    He suspects damages are even worth today, and is not sure he can do only a repair, because a bypass might be the only good option, but he will know for sure only during surgery.

    I was so against a bypass, but after months of reading and research on the subject , studies show the repairs don't last, and I don't want any more surgery!!
    So, I will probably get a bypass...
    I did express my concerns about deficiencies, but since my last surgery on March 1st, without monthly hemorrhages my ferritin levels should have improved a lot and it didn't. Even with my usual daily high dosage of iron, and diet with high levels too. That's when he is the only one who said "no worries you will get those iron infusions when ever needed post-op, you just call the hospital". The anesthetist yesterday (lovely lady) actually said she will prescribe two infusions, one before surgery, one after (so glad I finally found a supportive team!!).

    So anyway, he said a Roux en Y with short limb should be fine (since I don't need the non-absorption's help to lose weight) and said that I will wake up without the nerve pain, and no more awful reflux!! And he said after that my "cortisone weight should go away in a few weeks"...which is also bonus good news..
    So....scared!!! but can't wait!!
  3. WANAGL's Avatar
    Good news Sandra!

    Sending All Good Thoughts and Prayers.

    Please keep us updated.
  4. Sandra3's Avatar
    Thank you Cyndi!
    I will post an update as soon as I'm back home, hopefully Saturday.
  5. jerzeygirl's Avatar
    Prayers and positive thoughts coming your way for a positive resolution to this matter. Continued success!
  6. sraebaer's Avatar
    So happy you found a surgeon that knows what he/she is doing! Best of luck, we'll have you in our thoughts and prayers.
  7. Sandra3's Avatar
    Thank you very much my friends!

    I'm back home, safe and sound.
    Recovery is much easier this time. My first blood test this morning did show I'm back in anemia (indeed) but I just received an iron infusion post-op so all good, I should be back to normal in three weeks!

    I'm very tired and napping a lot, I will write a longer post tomorrow when I'm less sleepy.