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Pain in left shoulder!!

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Has anyone on here ever experienced the gas settling into the shoulder? I woke with it like that yesterday and it is still there today. At first I thought it was a muscle strain from getting in those hospital beds and pulling myself up. But I really think it is the gas settling there because if I hold my arm and take a deep breath it doesnít hurt but if I take one without holding it it is excruciating. Anyone have any ideas? I donít know if I can go another day like this!!

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  1. Dutchie's Avatar
    Annoying, bit painful, but nothing to worry about.
    Just walk as much as you can, that helps.
    Yes, you can do it!
    Just have some pain medication.
  2. AnnieG's Avatar
    Yes, and Dutchie is right walk walk walk walk
  3. Aydensmomma's Avatar
    Hi! Congrats on your surgery!! I remember being told that pain could be in the shoulder as well as chest and back. This sums up an explanation- "The carbon dioxide gas used to inflate the abdomen during the laparoscopy can irritate the phrenic nerve. This is caused by carbon dioxide gas trapped against the diaphragm (breathing muscle). This irritation is felt as pain in the lower chest and up into the shoulder area which known as “referred pain”."
    If you walk and move a lot then the gas should make its way out but if it doesn't or the bain is becoming really bad then I've heard the chiropractor can help. Damn gas!! Hope you feel better asap!!
  4. Dutchie's Avatar
    I don't understand why they just don't push it out after surgery, as part of their routine.
    Such a small thing to do and it would safe us so much discomfort.
    For those reading this, waiting on their surgery: ask them to do it!
    It is really so easy for them!
  5. Dutchie's Avatar
    How are you doing today?
  6. sraebaer's Avatar
    Sorry to say but it's normal. I was told the one thing that would help is walking. Feel better!
  7. madjar1106's Avatar
    walk as much as possible and take Gas-X