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Surgery Day!!!

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Well the day is finally here! I am so excited but yet a little nervous. This is the day I have been working towards for six months. Can anyone give me advice for the next few days? I would appreciate the thoughts and prayers these coming days.

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  1. elllie's Avatar
    Good luck with your surgery. Follow the doctors and dietitians advice, talk whatever pain killers they give you and when you start drinking, just keep sipping all the time.
  2. Grammieof4's Avatar
    The surgery went well. I will get to go home sometime today. I am still taking meds for pain, but I have been walking and sipping a lot.
  3. kenson's Avatar
    Good Luck! This will be the best thing that you have ever done for yourself!
  4. NCME's Avatar
    Get use to the muscle milk.
    After a month I allowed myself to drink the coffee one.
    Don't worry it will get better and better and better.
    soft soft soft foods no cane sugar...no corn sugar jello, not toast.
    I pray Jesus walks you through like he did me. In his name Amen!
  5. hosh's Avatar
    I'm glad you're through it okay!