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Fed BCBS anyone? Approved/Denied?

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Hey guys! Iím new here. Iím scheduled for sleeve surgery this Thursday, the 25th. However.....we are STILL waiting on my insurance approval!!! Nothing like cutting it close. Just wondering if anyone has Fed BCBS insurance and if you got denied, what was the reason? Or if you got approved, how long did it take? My insurance coordinator submitted everything last Monday but I have a bad feeling Iím going to be denied....

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  1. sraebaer's Avatar
    I've never heard of scheduling surgery before insurance approval!
  2. Dutchie's Avatar
    You have scheduled your surgery prior to the approval?
    O well, you still have two more days...
    Good luck!
  3. Kimberley's Avatar
    I agree... I thought it was odd they went ahead and scheduled it before submission and approval but they seemed very confident I would get it in time.
  4. Kimberley's Avatar
    Update... I am APPROVED!!!!!!
  5. Christie13's Avatar
    Congrats on the approval. I am assuming that they were pretty sure that you would be approved so they scheduled it. I know that they do know the requirements and usually only have any issues if they forget to submit something. Glad it all worked out.
  6. blackjac24's Avatar
    I have Ford blue care network, they came back with a yes 5 days after it was submitted. Congratulations on the approval!!
  7. DesertGal's Avatar
    I have BCBS FEDERAL and had surgery March 2017. Once the surgeon submitted all the hoops I jumped through, it took about 2 weeks, if that.
    They did have me go through the 3 month pre op diet, but that was OK.