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It's a great idea to take a picture of yourself the day of your surgery and then using the same clothes and doing the same pose take a pic every 2 weeks. (Or 1 or 4, whatever you want)
Sometimes people say "oh look at you! You lost weight and you look great!" but some of us might not see it because we see ourselves everyday. Comparing pictures is a great way to see the changes, if you ever stall or feel discouraged the pictures might make you feel better.
I also suggest taking measurements the same day as the picture. Make sure you measure exactly where you did before, I used to write down "right above belly button" or "biggest part of my thigh"
I wish I had taken pictures, I'd love to see them now.
Seeing is believing

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  1. Katrina's Avatar
    I wish I had taken measurements.I didn't measure before, and I haven't measured after either. It would have been fun to compare. I also never have a clue what size I need to buy when trying to order something online because I don't know my dang measurements.

    I know what that damn scale says though and it's making my eye twitch seeing the number the last few weeks.
  2. KiwiGal's Avatar
    Progress photos are a great idea. I also kept one pair of jeans which when I look at them now I can't quite believe how fat I really was. I should have taken measurements too - but I didn't.
    I still do a double take when I look in the mirror and see how small I am now compared to what I once was.
  3. Snooties75's Avatar
    Great idea!